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PPM Systems specialises in: RF over fibre systems (Satcom and COMINT), antennas and stacked antenna systems, RF filtering and conditioning, EM spectrum and decoding receivers, and IED/ECM defeat systems. Predominately working with the Government and Military/Defence sectors, PPM can design and supply a complete customised system meeting specific requirements.

PPM Systems, a division of Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd, specialises in:

RF over fibre systems
Antennas and stacked antenna systems
RF filtering and conditioning
EM spectrum and decoding receivers
IED/ECM defeat systems.

Alongside our RF signal conditioning and translation expertise, PPM’s design portfolio includes ADC signal capture and baseband processing hardware, and complimentary signal analysis software. Scan, decode, waveform manipulation and DAC playback are combined to deliver integrated and dynamically reconfigurable signal analysis platforms.

Predominately working with the Military/Defence and Government, we also design and supply fully customised RF systems meeting specific requirements. We have an on-site hybrid anechoic chamber where we undertake pre-compliance measurements of our product’s electromagnetic compatibility and verify system level performance of antenna systems.

We can help with obfuscated procurement where required.

PPM Systems is a division of Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd (PPM) which was founded in 1994. PPM started as a distributor of pulse power systems, power electronics components and EMC test equipment. In 1995, after acquiring Electro Optic Developments Ltd, PPM began to manufacture RF over fibre equipment.

The company is an independent and privately owned UK registered business. Accreditations include Investors in People – Gold and PPM is certified to ISO 9001:2015.