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Cyber Essentials explained


As of 1 January 2016, all suppliers bidding for new MOD contracts which include the transfer of ‘MOD identifiable information’ should achieve a Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES) certificate by the contract start date.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported initiative designed to provide businesses with a set of measures to help them understand and guard against the common forms of cyber attacks that they may be exposed to.

As the first step to the MOD PQQ requirements, an organisation needs to implement the Basic level of Cyber Essentials by completing the self-assessment questionnaire. As the risk level goes up, some additional controls are required that can be evaluated through the Cyber Essentials Plus process including vulnerability tests.

The certification process for the first level is straightforward and should take no longer than a few days once you have gathered all the questionnaire information. If you are unsure if your business could benefit from becoming Cyber Essentials certified, take five minutes to read our blog 10 reasons you need to protect your business from cyber threats.

The Cyber Essentials scheme provided by DCI is performed by our team of Cyber Experts, with over 30 years’ experience in Cyber crime and Cyber education. DCI Cyber Essentials will provide the necessary knowledge to protect companies exposed to the daily threat of data compromises. Our team excels in digital forensic investigations and consultations which help clients assess the true scale of their threats.

As part of the Cyber Essentials self-assessment, we will provide you with guidance and feedback on your IT infrastructure to help you achieve the required certification.


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