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Steadfast Defender 2024 – NATO’s biggest exercise in decades

NATO’s largest exercise in decades is underway. Steadfast Defender 2024 (STDE24) involves around 90,000 forces from 31 Allies and NATO partner Sweden. The exercise, which is conducted across various NATO nations, is based on NATO’s new defence plans and demonstrates the Alliance’s ability to rapidly deploy forces from North America and other parts of the Alliance, to reinforce the defence of Europe. It also gives a clear demonstration of NATO’s transatlantic unity, strength and determination to do all that is necessary to protect each other and our common values. Taking part in STDE24 is: More than 50 naval assets including aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes and destroyers. More than 80 air platforms including F35s, FA18s, Harriers, F15s, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. And more than 1,100 combat vehicles including 166 tanks, 533 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and 417 armoured personnel carriers (APCs). STDE24 is a series of national and multinational large-scale exercises that takes place from 24 January 2024 until the end of May.

How to ship a spacecraft

Have you ever wondered how to ship a spacecraft? Lockheed Martin had to move GOES-U from its facility in Colorado to its launch site in Florida. 🚀


The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and UK armed forces collaborated with Australia and the US in an AUKUS trial in Australia to accelerate the adoption and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems. The AUKUS Trusted Operation of Robotic Vehicles in Contested Environments (TORVICE) trial aimed to identify and resolve vulnerabilities of robotic vehicles and sensors that affect autonomous systems. Understanding and mitigating the impact of such threats is critical to effective and reliable use of such systems on future operations. The TORVICE trial follows the first AUKUS AI and autonomy trial held in the UK in April 2023. In December, AUKUS Defence Ministers announced their intent to integrate Resilient and Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Technologies (RAAIT) into national programs in 2024. The TORVICE trial takes us a step closer to adopting these technologies in the land domain. Dstl is a proven national asset, giving the UK clear advantage across science, technology, cyber and information. We offer world-class science and technology capability allied to inside knowledge and government savvy, and underpinned by deep operational understanding of defence and security needs. This enables us to demystify and harness science and technology to give clear military and security advantage through impartial advice and solutions – to innovate the science inside UK defence and security.

TRX Robotic Combat Vehicle: Modularity on the Battlefield

General Dynamics Land Systems’ Tracked Robot 10-ton (TRX) delivers modular capability to maneuver formations through rapidly reconfigurable mission payloads.

DragonFire laser test

The British military has announced the development of a high-powered laser weapon, called Dragonfire, which could potentially change the face of warfare. This laser weapon, developed by DSTL, Porton Down, the military science laboratory in the UK, is being hailed as a significant advancement in technology. With the increasing threat of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in conflicts such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the need for an effective and cost-efficient defense system has become paramount. The Dragonfire laser weapon offers a solution to this problem, with its accuracy and relatively low cost.

What the UK is sending to Nato's biggest military exercise since Cold War

Twenty thousand British soldiers, sailors and aviators will be deployed by land, sea and air across Europe to participate in a huge Nato exercise later this year. The UK is expected to send 20,000 military personnel to take part in Exercise Steadfast Defender 24 – one of Nato’s largest military exercises in Europe since the Cold War. During the first half of 2024, personnel from the Royal Navy, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force will deploy across Europe alongside 31 Nato allies and Sweden as the alliance practises repelling an invasion by Russian forces.

RAF 60 second update

The latest episode of the RAF 60 Second Update from RAF Wittering explores: – Exercise Red Flag, with RAF aircraft flying to America for the largest and most complex air-warfare exercise in the world. – An RAF C-17 Globemaster transporting a Royal Navy Merlin MK4 helicopter back to the UK just in time for Christmas. – RAF chef’s triumph at Exercise Joint Caterer

The Future of Aegis: Real-time Software Updates

Flight Deck operations on USS Gerald R. Ford

F-35B Advanced flying trials off the east Coast of the United States