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NavyX | Royal Navy Technology

NavyX is an exciting new venture designed to bring autonomous systems into naval service quickly to give us that warfighting edge now and into the future.

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Sikorsky Black Hawk first flight using newest Fly-By-Wire technology

On May 29, Sikorsky flew a UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter retrofitted with a fly-by-wire technology kit.

360 VIDEO: F-35 Test Pilot Walkaround

Take a walk around the F-35 with Lockheed Martin F-35 test pilot Tony “Brick” Wilson, the first pilot to conduct an F-35C arrested landing.

HMS Defender missile firing | Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer

In a burst of fire and smoke, Royal Navy warship HMS Defender has tested her world-beating missile system off the coast of Scotland.

Image © grafvision / Shutterstock

Readying Portsmouth for the second QEC aircraft carrier

DIO is investing £30m into preparing HMNB Portsmouth for the Royal Navy’s second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales.

BAE Systems future technologies: MAGMA breakthrough future aircraft design

In a series of ground-breaking flight trials that took place in the skies above north-west Wales, the MAGMA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) demonstrated two innovative flow control technologies, which could revolutionise future aircraft design.

CH-53K Chronicles: Through the eyes of a Sikorsky test pilot

Sikorsky Test Pilot John Rucci shares about the CH-53K’s test progress and how the King Stallion will ensure mission success for the US Marine Corps.

Raytheon's CUAS base protection

Raytheon’s suite of counter unmanned aircraft system (CUAS) capabilities defend against agile unmanned threats and larger swarms.

Future Defence Infrastructure Services Programme

DIO worked with Crown Commercial Service on new frameworks for facilities management contracts across our estate. This new way of working for DIO enables access to a more diverse supplier base & better value for money by leveraging government buying power.