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Sikorsky Raider helicopter hits 200 knots

The Sikorsky S-97 Raider light tactical prototype helicopter exceeded 200 knots during last month’s flight test. The suite of X2 Technologies enables the aircraft to operate at high speeds while maintaining the low-speed handling qualities and manoeuvrability of conventional single main rotor helicopters. Raider will be presented for the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition, as the Army looks to revolutionise its aircraft fleet via its Future Vertical Lift initiative.

F-35s on board UK's newest aircraft carrier

What’s it like to fly an F-35 jet off the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth?

HMS Queen Elizabeth first deck landings

Fast fighter jets are once again flying from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier as the first F-35s have landed on the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Lightning Keepers

The Lightning Keepers are, by trade, maintainers who repair, inspect and modify the aircraft to ensure safe and effective functioning during flight operations. They are trusted advisors who let F-35 pilots know their aircraft is fit for flight. They are also analysts who constantly gather flight data to make informed decisions, ensuring a pilot’s safety is top of mind.

Airborne medics join forces

British and US airborne medics working together as two wards of the same hospital during joint training in southern Germany.

Boeing's MQ-25: Autonomous, agile and ready for the US Navy

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in the USA

HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in Mayport, Florida for her first ever visit to the USA following her formal commission into the Royal Navy by Her Majesty The Queen.

HMS Monmouth makes the most of open seas with gunnery exercise

HMS Monmouth has been making the most of the open seas as she escorts HMS Queen Elizabeth to the USA by conducting a gunnery exercise – or GUNEX – with her 4.5 gun.

How to lift 4,100 kilos from HMS Queen Elizabeth

845NAS (Naval Air Squadron) conduct a load lift on HMS Queen Elizabeth. This enables them to be able to under-sling a load of up to 4,100 kilos, from packages to vehicles.

First F-35B deploys with USS Wasp

An F-35B Lightning II with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron has landed on the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp in Okinawa.

Video Courtesy of Raytheon & Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Barker