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Upgraded urban training facility at Whinny Hill

DIO, along with contractors Landmarc Support Services and sub-contractors BeaverFit Ltd, has recently invested in the urban operations training facility at Whinny Hill.

Royal Air Force | BE INSPIRED

A brief and exciting insight into the Royal Air Force, its roles, aircraft and personnel.

Real life Rocket Man debuts over water

Former Royal Marines Reservist and inventor of the jet-powered suit, has tested it over the water for the very first time alongside HMS Dasher.


MCM ITP Missiles Research Programme

Jet-powered flyboard steals show at Bastille Day military parade

Bulford Kiwi Heritage sign unveiled

BAE Systems' innovative research in partnership with the University of Cranfield

Funded through the Industrial Cooperative Awards in Science and Technology (ICASE), the work of PhD students from BAE Systems’ strategic partner universities has been acknowledged in a contest for the 2019 ICASE Award.

Paris Airshow 2019: Best of the week highlights

NavyX | Royal Navy Technology

NavyX is an exciting new venture designed to bring autonomous systems into naval service quickly to give us that warfighting edge now and into the future.

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