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F-35 SDD flight trials complete

BAE Systems’ test pilot, Peter “Wizzer” Wilson, recently completed the final sortie of the initial design and development test flight programme on F-35.

Autonomous Last Mile Resupply: TITAN put through its paces

During phase one of Dstl’s Autonomous Last Mile Resupply programme, QinetiQ ‘s TITAN robot autonomously navigated a route over mixed terrain at the Hurn proving ground in Dorset, UK. The exercise demonstrated TITAN’s ability to deliver supplies to troops stationed in dangerous environments where access is limited.

Webinar - BAE Case Study - How to Improve your Supplier Master Data

Video: Skunk Works' MQ-25 unmanned tanker

The Skunk Works purpose-built MQ-25 unmanned tanker concept is designed to deliver robust refueling capability to support our combat strike fighters and extend the range of our aircraft carriers.

Modular Active Protection Systems: Ahead of the Threat Curve

The US Army’s Modular Active Protection Systems (MAPS) solution protects armoured vehicles and crews from rockets and missiles. See how Lockheed Martin’s open-architecture MAPS base kit links sensors and countermeasures to provide platform protection against current threats, and rapidly upgrades to meet emerging ones.

How to launch a ship without making a splash

Dynamic launches are a thing of the past. The River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels are the first to benefit from our new process that allows the ship to enter the water with a greater level of outfit than ever before.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Gunnery Exercise

Innovate UK's essential tips for cyber security

Cyber crime is costing UK businesses an estimated £30 billion every year and the figure is rising. Cyber breaches can have devastating effects, and could even kill off your business. Here’s Innovate UK’s essential guide to cyber security for start-ups and SME’s.

Raytheon's CUAS laser dune buggy takes on a drone

Raytheon’s high-energy laser takes out an unmanned aerial system from nearly a mile away.

F-35 by the numbers

From the first production aircraft to now – the worldwide F-35 fleet has logged over 120,000 flight hours and accomplished several significant “firsts.”