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Officially Supported By: Defence Contracts International Supply2Defence

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Defence Online, part of BiP Solutions, is one of the UK’s leading digital marketing and communication
companies. Defence Online’s goal is to assist organisations to promote themselves to and connect directly with key decision
across a range of high-value and influential market sectors, including Construction, Defence and

Defence Online is one of the fastest-growing communities of key decision makers representing defence sector buyers
and influencers within the Ministry of Defence, Prime Contractors and Industry.

Providing up-to-date and informative news, insight and intelligence, Defence Online allows organisations to engage
directly with a range of sector-based solutions, designed specifically to enhance their knowledge and understanding
of this ever-evolving marketplace.

No matter the size of your organisation, Defence Online has a range of advertising and marketing solutions to suit
your business development requirements, connecting you with a marketplace worth over £19 billion annually in the UK

Contact us today to discuss how your organisation can
take full advantage of a host of innovative promotion and lead-generation packages that are aimed directly at
helping your business develop in both existing and new market sectors.

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Defence Online is delivered by BiP Solutions

Market leaders in providing solutions to industry.

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