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Easi-Dec produces a range of products designed to provide safe, rapid access to the roof line and for low-level work.

We have worked closely with end users as well as those involved in safety at height to design a range of products which provide safe, simple, fast and robust solutions which meet current safety regulations.

These include the original Easi-Dec platform which provides safe access to the roof level whilst spanning obstructions such as porches and bay windows, the Window-Dec which incorporates a lifting mechanism for safe window replacement, Mono-Dec for single worker roofline access in addition to a range of products for fragile roof safety, safe access to areas around a house such as lofts and for working safely off ladders.

Our range of access platforms are easy to transport and quick to assemble and are a cost-effective alternative to scaffolding.

All of our products are manufactured at our UK factory where we also have a training school to provide customer training courses on the safe use of our products.

Easi-Dec is part of the Kee Safety Group, a global supplier of fall protection solutions and safety railing systems. The Kee Safety Group provides turnkey safety solutions for companies through its offices around the world. Separating People from Hazards is the simple philosophy that drives the Kee Safety Group.


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Category: Access Platforms, Working at height equipment,

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Easi-Dec Access Platforms
Merlin House
Blaydon Road
SG19 1RZ

Products and Services

Access Platforms

Easi-Dec Access Platform: Safe, rapid access to roofline level, whilst spanning building obstructions such as windows and porches

Roofline Systems: Two or more Easi-Dec platforms can be securely linked with our Catwalk to provide a continuous, fully guarded platform with edge protection.

Mono-Dec: Simple, fast access to the roofline level for a single worker.

Trimline System: Designed specifically for fascia, soffit or gutter replacement on an average sized property.

Window-Dec: Fully protected access platform which incorporates a lifting mechanism for window replacement.

Solar Installation Products

Solar Platform: Allows safe access up to the roof level for solar installation, repair and maintenance

Solar Access System: Safe working platform with certified edge protection

Solar Ladder: A safe and practical solution for installing or maintaining solar panels.

Low Level/Interior Access

Joist Safety Matting: Allows work to be carried out safely in lofts by providing temporary protection.

Plasterer’s Mate: Safety platform for low level interior work to wall and ceilings.

Walk-Thru Stairwell Access: Provides a stable working platform above a staircase, whilst still allowing access up the stairs.

Roof Access Equipment

Roof-Walk: Fully guarded rolling work platform for use on industrial and fragile roofs

Low Level Roof Edge Protection: Provides safe access and edge protection on low level roofs such as on garages

Board-Walk: Lightweight aluminium walkway for fragile roofs

Valley-Walk: Lightweight mobile cage for maintenance work on valley gutters

Ladder Safety

Ladder Products: Range of ladder accessories and safety solutions designed to allow work to be carried out safely from ladders.