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Cannon Technologies was established in 1978 by teams from the Parent RJF and Scammell groups with the objective of developing activity for the Defence and Commercial sectors. With an established forty year pedigree, Cannon has equipped many of the world’s biggest high profile organisations with cutting edge infrastructure and Turnkey facilities. This ranges widely through Telecom indoor and outdoor infrastructure, large Enterprise Data Centers, Data Hosting and Co Hosting facilities, also Military Data Communication solutions for NATO /UK partners in theatres of war.

High Quality has always been a core value of the Cannon Technologies Group, and continues to be so.

Currently Cannon Technologies is certified by the British Standard Institution (BSI) to the highest level possible ISO 9001:2008 and was one of the first organisations to achieve this certification.

Cannon Technologies is located close to several protected areas, e.g. the New Forest National Park and the cliffs at Highcliffe. Additionally there are many SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) within a short radius.

Cannon Technologies is committed to eliminating adverse environmental impacts our operations may have on the environment. We are also committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of applicable environmental legislation:

Cannon Technologies is certified by the British Standard Institution (BSI) to the highest level possible ISO 14001:2004 2014.


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Category: Data Centres, Infrastructure, Military Data Communication Solutions,

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Cannon Technologies Ltd
Stem Lane
New Milton
BH25 5NU

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Products and Services

Cannon Technologies design, manufacture & build scalable fixed and transportable modular data centres (MDC) for worldwide infrastructure & communication systems. Typical “System Ready” pre-build modules range from small scale facilities to large scalable modular facilities housing multi-megawatt power, cooling and rack rooms. For the Defence sector, Cannon has delivered pre-engineered and pre-built facilities, providing IT hosting facilities to fit within existing buildings. As well as Modular semi-permanent facilities located at Operational Bases as well as Air Transportable Module facilities to support Disaster Recovery at MOD bases overseas.

Cannon’s MDC success lies in its team of skilled professionals whose depth of experience is unmatched, technology that sets the standard for the industry, and an unwavering commitment to providing excellent support for its customers.


Cannon’s Transportable MDC “GLOBE TROTTER” comes in various form factors including the ISO and Dual ISO Clamshell.

Using almost forty years of experience, Cannon has pre-engineered a range of floor plans and capacities to provide a number of standard solutions with low to high power and cooling densities as well as JSP 440 and 480 requirements. The Dual ISO Clamshell is a mid-sized, transportable Modular Data Centre with increased floor space. Wide aisles and deep racks provide excellent work space and promote efficiency. Each individual module, which forms the two-part clamshell, is easily transported using standard ISO container transportation and handling systems.

The “Soft-Ride” Globe Trotter is a small capacity, transportable Modular Data Centre providing a complete data centre solution, also meeting JSP440 and 480 standards, requiring only mains or generator power and data communications as external dependencies. The “soft-ride” racks provide protection from vibration & shock, enabling standard rack mounted IT to be installed and then shipped ready for use. Current solutions provided to the MOD have been; certified for transport in both C130 & C17 airframes and have been designed to support IT Disaster Recovery capability for overseas sites, throughout the world. On arrival, the DR system can be ready for use within 3 hours, as demonstrated at Ex Joint Venture 2016.


Cannon provides GLOBE TROTTER with the scalability, flexibility, and reliability to enable rapid delivery of a more efficient small data centre solution to its customers. GLOBE TROTTER MDCs can also be installed with wheels to enable easy movement once on site either by hand or standard tow bar equipped vehicles such as Land Rovers.