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Introduction to Adler & Allan


24/7/365 – Fuel Infrastructure Services – ensuring mission critical fuel systems remain Safe, functional, compliant, resilient and sustainable.


Adler & Allan is the UK’s leading provider of Environmental, Technical, Fuel and Specialist Defence FM Support Services. With over 90 years’ experience we are committed to innovation and focus on the changing needs of our customers, the always evolving environmental landscape and compliance requirements.


Across the world our technology and expertise safeguards critical defence infrastructure and our consultative approach protects their operations from the risks posed by environmental uncertainty, regulatory change and technical disruption.


Our Specialist Defence FM Support Services, tailored to the demands of the defence sector, range from 24/7/365 Emergency Response Services, Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), Petrol, Oil and Lubricant (POL) maintenance, to providing a range of mechanical and electrical services, asset management, civil engineering, tank and fuel services, including ad-hoc and reactive servicing and repair, installation works and project management.


We have a dedicated team of specialist technicians, who hold the required site permit passes, have the appropriate security clearances and training to work on military bases and clients across the defence sector, this includes the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) through the prime facilities management companies on the Next Generation Estate Contracts (NGEC). All works are carried out to current MOD joint service publications (such as JSP317 &JSP375) and relevant practitioner guides (such as PG04/12, PG05/12/ and DMG14 PG06/12).


Defence Sector Experience


Our experience within the defence sector has resulted in the successful delivery of a wide range of projects across most military bases both past and presently in operation in the UK, as well as RAF Brize Norton, RAF Lakenheath and RAF Feltwell. This includes sites operated by the MOD and USVF.


Adler & Allan is the UK’s leading Fuels Infrastructure maintenance and Emergency Pollution Response Service (EPRS) provider for the UK MoD (Ministry of Defence) worldwide. We have a permanent presence at RAF Brize Norton, the UK’s largest military air base, maintaining and upgrading the fuel infrastructure with a combined team of specialist Fuels technicians serving the POL maintenance / repair projects and cathodic protection technicians with ICORR & CSWIP certifications, management and site supervisors with the requisite security passes including escort rights and 24/7/365 access.


Our key goal is to ensure that the fuel infrastructure we maintain remains safe, functional, compliant, resilient and sustainable. Our resource infrastructure is fundamentally aligned to deliver 24/7/365 services to our customers. Thus we can provide real assurance in our ability to provide reliable, resilient and efficient deployment as well as management and reporting functions.





Henry Simpson

Commercial Director

Tel: 020 8555 7111


·           Operating worldwide on various projects in places as diverse as Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Falkland Islands

·           Before joining Adler & Allan in 1998, Henry spent 10 years in the British Army and has an MBA

·           Commercial Director since 2000



Kurt Wachter

Divisional Manager

Tel: 01992 657 400



·           Over 13 years’ experience providing fuel infrastructure services for A&A

·           Set up the company’s industry leading Tank Services Division and Commercial Manager of the Group’s Fuel Infrastructure Services Division; a key provider to the MoD estate and USVF delivering Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) specialist maintenance

·           Divisional Manager since 2009



Chris Damsell

Technical Sales Manager

Tel: 01992 657 400



·           Technical Sales Manager with a Masters in Engineering responsible for putting bid proposals together on major projects, project management and technical support and providing engineering solutions to clients

·           Chris started in Industrial Services for the downstream Oil and Defence sectors before moving into his current position, specialising in Defence and aviation fuels infrastructure projects.

For more information contact our customer service team 24/7/365 on 0800 592 827


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Region: Worldwide,

Category: Emergency Spill Response,

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Adler and Allan
Fuel Infrastructure Services
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