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The Defence Contracts Online (DCO) portal is the official source of MOD contracts opportunities over £10,000.

With over 2000 individual buyers within the UK MOD actively using MOD DCO as their only tool for publishing new business opportunities, you are sure to gain access to many new contracts…for FREE.

The DCO platform give Free access to any supplier to view and bid for any MOD tender.
Once registered, you will benefit from:

  • Creating your own completely unique contract alert profile to ensure you receive all the most relevant new contracts directly to your inbox each day
  • 24/7 access to your own MOD DCO account, allowing you to run quick and advanced contract searches and update any of your details as and when required
  • Managing all your UK MOD tender responses through your own personalised dashboard

In addition, you can keep up to date with the latest MOD news and announcements and use the vast array of resources at your disposal.
The MOD Defence Suppliers Service (DSS) provide advice and guidance to any company interested in doing business with the MOD, through their up-to-date guide and annual Yearbook. The DSS team is also on hand to get your business in contact with the appropriate counterpart within the MOD or with their key suppliers.

Sign up for free today at www.contracts.mod.uk to join over 40,000 companies that are already taking advantage of the comprehensive MOD Defence Contracts Online service.


MOD DCO Suppliers

The supplier side of the MOD DCO service provides businesses with all the tools required to be successful when dealing with the MOD.

The Activity center platform comprises 4 elements covering the different aspects of the defence procurement process:

  • The supplier profile section allows you to record and update all the valuable information about your company and its services. By publishing this profile you make your company visible to any MOD buyer.
  • The opportunity manager module is your search engine to find all the relevant contracts matching your business activities. You can also fine tune your alert profile to make sure your daily email is optimised
  • The response manager functionality is your all in one bidding process by being able to fill in, submit and track any responses to MOD DCO opportunities
  • The resources area provides you with guides, news, MOD announcements and even sub-contracting opportunities from MOD Prime Contractors

As well as providing free access to all UK MOD contract opportunities, MOD DCO is also your gateway to the following key services:

  • Over 100% more UK & ROI defence-related contracts
  • Over 800% more European defence-related opportunities
  • Over 6000% more Global defence-related opportunities
  • Focused defence market intelligence and archives of previous defence agency contract awards

MOD DCO Buyers

MOD acquisition teams are required to advertise through MOD DCO all ‘warlike’ and ‘non-warlike’ requirements for goods, services or works valued at £10,000 and above, unless the requirement meets the approved grounds for exclusion from MOD DCO. MOD Prime Contractors may voluntarily advertise sub-contracts valued at £10,000 and above on the MOD DCO platform. Requirements with a value of more than £101,323 will also be published in MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin magazine.

Any MOD buyers can register to the MOD DCO portal (subject to approval from the MOD) and post contract announcements for publication on the MOD DCO website as well as in:

  • European Defence Agency Electronic Bulletin Board (EDA EBB)
  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • Contracts Finder

Once logged in, MOD buyers can view contract opportunities online on their personalised MOD DCO dashboard, in addition to a range of services and reports.


DSS Doing Business with the MOD

The Defence Suppliers Service (DSS) team is the MOD focal point for the provision of advice and guidance to companies interested in selling to the defence sector.
The latest MOD DSS ‘Doing Business with the MOD’ Guide includes all the necessary contacts within the MOD as well as the defence trade bodies and associations. This guide serves also as reference for the latest MOD procurement policies and regulation updates. And the directory of MOD prime contractors and industry contacts can also be found in this comprehensive publication.


MOD DCO Top Tendering Tips

Once registered on MOD Defence Contract Online, organisations need to make sure their unique supplier profile is tailored to the needs of their business. In order maximise the contract searching tool at their disposal, the MOD DCO team put together this guide gathering the Top Tendering Tips.