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20 July 2017 in Cambridge An opportunity to book a meeting with the Accelerator in Cambridge on 20 July 2017 to discuss your research idea. Registration is now open and closes on 13 July 2017. These 30-minute face-to-face meetings give you the opportunity to discuss your innovative research idea with Accelerator staff in private. The ...

The autonomous last mile resupply innovation network event was held on 23 May 2017. At the event in London, a series of presentations provided details of three challenges that make up the Defence and Security Accelerator competition Autonomous last mile resupply. Autonomous last mile resupply network innovation event. To set the scene, Accelerator Innovation Partner ...

An opportunity to book a meeting with the Defence and Security Accelerator team to discuss your research idea. The Accelerator is holding Enduring Challenge and Autonomous Last Mile Resupply themed challenge face-to-face meetings in London to give you the opportunity to discuss your innovative research idea in private. Register for an Enduring Challenge slot Register ...

  This Accelerator themed competition is looking for novel proposals that use autonomous systems to deliver mission critical supplies to users in the military front-line. For for this competition we’re focussing on the challenging ‘last mile’ of resupply. The aim of an autonomous last mile resupply system is to: reduce the demand on existing platforms ...



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Hostile Drone

November 8, 2019

Air - DASA awards contracts to defend against hostile drone attacks

DASA has awarded £2million contracts to eighteen bids aiming to disrupt hostile drone attacks as part of a competition. The Countering

Lower Limb Protection

October 24, 2019

Homeland - Dstl announces free IP opportunities including lower limb protection

Dstl has announced new IP opportunities for free commercial use such as lower limb protection and forensic technology. The Defence Science