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About us

Atkins, a member of SNC-Lavalin Group, is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering, and project management consultancies.

We have a long and proud history of supporting the organisations that protect our people and national interests, that includes their land, naval, air, cyber, and digital operations.

Working alongside our colleagues in government departments, the Armed Forces, and Defence and Security contractors for more than three-quarters of a century, we understand the breadth and complexity of the sector. That’s how we deliver the right solutions to the right people at the right time and ensure they maximise efficiency and optimise safety and performance.

We also draw on our experience of working across the aerospace, physical and cyber security, nuclear, infrastructure, and transportation sectors. Bringing knowledge, technologies, and learning from private industry to the Defence market is central to our approach.

We work in secure environments to enable our customers to exploit data from satellites to gain tactical advantage – improve situational awareness and enhance communications networks.

Our teams are prepared for the complexities of military preparedness operations, encompassing everything from damaged infrastructure to critical response times.

Connected across the world:

  • More than 38,000 colleagues worldwide
  • Offices in 50 countries and operations in 160
  • Experience in remotes locations and challenging geographies
  • Long history working with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and operating in the Middle East
  • One of the largest providers of engineering and technical services to the UK Defence market including to the Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Supporting Canada’s Department of National Defence to patrol one of the longest shorelines in the world

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Products and Services

Working across the entire defence lifecycle, we have spent many years working with our clients to protect our national interests in an increasingly complex world. We do this by helping them maximise the value of their investment in vital infrastructure and equipment with expert advice and support, and cutting-edge technical solutions.

Military Air

  • Requirements engineering
  • Safety and environment
  • Composite structural design and analysis
  • Training and human factors
  • Integrated logistics support
  • Availability, repairability, and maintenance
  • Business consulting
  • Weapons
  • Airworthiness certification

Civil Air

  • Systems installation design
  • Fuselage nose – cockpit structure design and stress
  • Interior design and stress – crash & fire worthiness, cabin safety
  • Stress analysis
  • Landing gear
  • Wing design & stress
  • Maintenance repair and overhaul


  • Systems design and integration
  • Manufacturing support
  • Stress analysis
  • Naval shock and structure borne noise analysis/design
  • IPMS integration and upgrade
  • Software security and information assurance
  • Safety and environmental management
  • Substantiation
  • System design
  • Mechanical handling and design


  • Systems engineering
  • Safety and environmental management
  • People and training
  • Deployable infrastructure – RAPID
  • Communication and ICT
  • Asset management
  • Integrated lethality and survivability
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Systems integration


  • Full lifecycle, quality-controlled, software systems assurance and development
  • Critical Systems Assurance and Integrated Information System Design
  • Communication and networks design and assurance
  • Industrial control systems design and development
  • Digital asset management and transformation
  • Cohesive architecture of ICT systems and services
  • Cyber resilience and Secure by Design
  • Program management and procurement support


  • Maintenance, operation, and training facilities
  • Master planning of Military Bases
  • Infrastructure to support platform availability
  • Assessment studies
  • Base security, counter terrorism, and blast design
  • Seismic/shock advisory services
  • Architecture and design
  • Requirements capture and design for sensitive sites
  • Business case development
  • Clean sites
  • Technical assurance and design guidance
  • Nuclear defence facilities