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6ECURITY was created in 2017 as a result of the increasing terror attacks in Europe.
Due to the changing security environment and the growing needs of our Clients; it became necessary to broaden the current measures, that were in place without any result. As a Consultancy Firm, management and operational consulting services are offered. As a Training Centre, multiple customized services are created. As a Security Service Provider employees can be put in place according to the client’s needs.
6ECURITY has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-tasking company offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing environment. 6ECURITY sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. Communication and innovation is crucial in this business and are the keys to a successful partnership.
We believe in a hands-on approach on all projects. That is why a Director of the firm will always be in control of the key functions on any projects.


Our vision is to make a difference in the broad spectrum of security, worldwide. 6ECURITY wants to create a new, higher standard in monitoring, observing, training, customer service and analysis of threatening situations

Mission Statement

Provide excellent quality in each of our services, in accordance with new strategies, integrity, professionalism and innovation. To create a more safe environment and better awareness in the constant threat of terror.


Terrorism Awareness Training

This module is the perfect training to be able to understand terrorism and where it originates from. The class will not be fully historical but more about the trends and its evolution. How terrorism changed through the years and what the effect is on security.
Different case studies will be used to get a better understanding of how terrorists operate.

1.1 What is Terrorism?
1.2 Origins of Terrorism
1.3 Different forms of Terrorism
1.4 Terrorism Trends?
2.1 Methods of recent Terrorism
2.2 Weapons of Mass Destruction
2.3 Modus Operandi
2.4 Effects on Security

Initial Training:
Basic: 1 Days In-Class Training

General Security Awareness Training

This module is the perfect training to be able to understand the concept of security in all its forms. In this class agents will have a better understanding of the tools, technology and qualities of a security agent. This Training is ideal for agents with little to no experience.

1.1 What is Security Awareness?
1.2 Different Positions
1.3 Technologies
1.4 Security Tools
2.1 Qualities of a Security Agent
2.2 Possible Threats
2.3 Modus Operandi
2.4 Emergency Response

Initial Training:
Basic: 1 Days In-Class Training

Disaster Preparedness Training

A training that will consider every possible form of an attack.
This will allow agents to know all necessary steps to follow in case of a disaster caused by terrorism.
Our Disaster Preparedness program allows agents to analyse the cause of the disaster and learn to see clues fast, to increase survival chances
• Knife/Machete attack
• Shooter attack
• IED (improvised Explosive Device)
• VBIED (Vehicle Based Improvised Explosive Device)
• IID (Improvised Incendiary Device) Highly flammable material
• Chemical Attack
• Nuclear Attack
Report procedures ; How to describe a threat ; Emergency Procedures ; Bomb Threats ; Guidelines during a possible attack

Initial Training:
• 1 Days In-Class Training

Crowd Spotting

A solution to be able to determine suspicious activity from normal.
Training is more than ever the key element to become more observant, alert, prepared.
Our Crowd Spotting program allows agents to :
– Analyse a large crowd (Find the anomaly through case studies, image and video scanning)
– Facial recognition (Recognize different facial expressions)
– Detect Suspicious Behaviour (Analyse behaviour and learn to read situations)
– Detect possible Modus Operandi (Link behaviour to situations, situations to Modus Operandi through Crowd reading exercises / Case Studies / Groupwork sessions)
– Emergency Response (Learn how to act in case of an emergency; Report procedures ; How to describe a threat ; Emergency Procedures ; Bomb Threats ; Guidelines during a possible attack)

Initial Training:
• 3 Days In-Class Training

Suspicious Behaviour Detection

This module is completely customized to your company needs. According to your industry and possible positions. After an analysis of your company and the challenges you encounter, we will adjust our training package to be able to give the best suitable advice for your employees.
The Initial Training will be 1 or 2 days depending on your company needs.
Suspicious Behaviour Detection can be used in all aspects of the security environment.
1.1 Introduction to Suspicious Behaviour
1.2 Facial Recognition
1.3 Suspicious objects
1.4 Suspicious behaviour versus suspicious activity?
2.1 Modus Operandi
2.2 Situational awareness
2.3 Observation skills
2.4 Communicating with suspects
3.1 Dealing with threats
3.2 Emergency Response

Initial Training:
• Basic: 1 – 2 Days In-Class Training
• 1 Day Field Training (optional)

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

Giving people the skills to be able to deal with different types of challenging behaviour.
People will learn how analyse the seven behaviour types and how to deal with them. The power of words and silence will be explained to give a general communications skill suitable in dealing with challenging behaviour.
1.1 What is Challenging Behaviour?
1.2 Cause and understanding.
1.3 Difficulties: The 7 behaviour types.
2.1 How to deal with the 7 behaviour types.
2.2 Manage Difficult Conversations
2.3 The Power Of Words vs Silence
2.5 Summary

Initial Training:
• 1 Days In-Class Training

Fraudulent Document Detection

People will learn different types of documents and their security features. Our Fraudulent Document Detection program can be customized to your company needs. We can add immigration and/or entry requirements training and focus and the more common documents of your current industry.
1.1 What is a travel document
1.2 How to read Passports
1.3 Stamps & Visas
1.4 Forged, altered or stolen documents
1.5 Signs of forgery
1.6 Entry requirements, customized (optional)
1.7 Immigration, customized (optional)

Initial Training:
• 1 Days In-Class Training

Interviewing Techniques

Our interviewing Techniques learn your employees to communicate with potentially threatening people. This module is usually combined after Suspicious Behaviour Detection or Crowd Spotting.
This system highlights the ways to interview people whilst keeping high customer service and not make it feel like an interrogation. It is a basic introduction to a technique that can be used in every position that has contact with people.
1.1 What is an interview?
1.2 Types of Questions
1.3 Start a conversation
1.4 In depth questioning
1.5 Exercises, role plays.

Initial Training:
• 1 Days In-Class Training

Interviewing Techniques: B.E.S.T.

B.E.S.T., or Behaviour Enhanced Screening Techniques designed for the aviation industry.
The need of interviewing systems is now higher than ever. Older interrogation systems make place for these new, customer service minded interviewing methods.
This is why we need a method that is so smooth that genuine people would not stress because of security measures, and deceptive people will be pushed outside their lie script. To do so we needed a method that is very customer service minded and on the other hand very thorough.
B.E.S.T. Initial Training highlights the threat to aviation, how to detect suspicious behaviour whilst talking and how to deal with different type of people. The questioning technique requires different qualities form our agents such as social skills, communicative skills and being customer service minded.
The powers of our technique:
• unpredictability
• Focus on making the person talk
• Teaches lots of social skills to the trainees
• High customer service
• Social approach
• Added value to your communication skills
• Professional guidance by experienced instructors.

The training:
A 4 day training package that contain; tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, role plays, examples and guidelines will give the trainees a perfect preparation to start screening passengers.
After the Initial Training where a final exam has to be succeeded by 70%, the trainees will be guided and evaluated ‘on the job’ . A minimum of 2 hours or maximum of 8 hours will be allowed to be able to successfully finish the ‘on the job(OJT)’ training. During the OJT we will focus not only on procedural correctness but also on creativity and questioning tactics.
After completing the 4 day Initial training and the OJT, your agents will be fully certified to interview passengers on their own.

Loss Prevention

People will learn to detect behaviour that could be associated with theft or criminal activity. This module will show effectiveness in being alert, vigilant and focus on anomalies in your line of work.
– Stealing
– Prevention methods
– Surveillance techniques
– Prevention methods
– Report writing
Depending on the clients needs the class length may vary.