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US Army trials 'hover-bike'

Dr. William Roper, director of the Strategic Capabilities Office at Office of the Secretary of Defense and members of his staff visited the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Jan. 10.

Directed energy atmospheric lens

Within the next fifty years, scientists at BAE Systems believe that battlefield commanders could deploy a new type of directed energy laser and lens system, called a Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens which is capable of enhancing commanders’ ability to observe adversaries’ activities over much greater distances than existing sensors.

Low-cost mine clearance solution

NATO in 2016

A visual review of NATO in 2016.

Synthetic Biology themed competition - webinar

Find out more about the Synthetic Biology themed competition from the Defence and Security Accelerator.
Webinar 5 December 2016.

Beyond Battery Power - webinar

Find out more about our Beyond Battery Power themed competition.
Competition requirements. Webinar 5 December 2016.

Synthetic Biology competition 2016

Find out more about the Defence and Security Accelerator competition on synthetic biology

Beyond Battery Power competition 2016

Find out more about our Defence and Security Accelerator competition – going ‘beyond battery power’

MH-60R Seahawk Helicopter lands on ship during storm

Footage shows amazing pilot skills as a skilled Danish pilot lands a MH-60R Seahawk Helicopter on a Danish military navy ship during a storm in rough seas.

Academy for Skills and Knowledge

BAE Systems’ new state-of-the-art, £15.6 million training facility – The Academy for Skills & Knowledge. Based in Samlesbury, Lancashire.