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China launches first domestically built air-craft carrier

China has launched its first-ever home-built aircraft carrier.

Futuristic Warfare | 360 Video

Marines and sailors will field-test more than 50 new technologies, everything from swarming unmanned surface vessels to self-driving Amtracks. The resulting force of these technological capabilities will integrate operations across all domains to include information and cyberspace.

Audacious launch

Audacious, the fourth Astute class submarine, rolls out of the Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow-in-Furness and enters the water for the first time. A key milestone in the Astute programme and a proud day for the BAE Systems workforce, the town and the Royal Navy.

Typhoon completes Meteor dual firing

A Eurofighter Typhoon has successfully completed a simultaneous firing of two MBDA Meteor Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missiles as part of a major programme of work to integrate the weapon on to the aircraft.

Royal Navy Hawk Jets Getting Ready for Joint Warrior 2017

Royal Navy Hawk’s from 736 NAS departing RNAS Culdrose on route to Scotland to take park in exercise Joint Warrior. Their role is to simulate low level high speed attacks on surface vessels as if they were an enemy aircraft or missile.

Pilots begin flights in new F-35 Lightning II simulator

A world-leading flight engineering simulator created by BAE Systems is ready to be “flown” by F-35 Lightning II pilots for the first time as they prepare for flight trials on the UK’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier next year.

RAF Strategy 2017

The new RAF Strategy was launched on 13 January 2017 and has been shared widely. This video clip includes an introduction from the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, and provides feedback on the Strategy from personnel across the Whole Force.

UK troops arrive in Estonia

Hundred twenty UK soldiers from 5 th Battalion The Rifles arrived in Estonia on Saturday 18 March 2017. They are the first of 800 UK soldiers to be deployed in a new NATO deployment. French soldiers and vehicles will follow in the coming weeks.

NATO’s “enhanced Forward Presence” will see four new deployments that bring multinational battalion-sized battlegroups into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to respond to changing security environments in the eastern part of the Alliance, as agreed at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016.

Typhoon Capability

Aircrew Advisor Paul Smith talks about Eurofighter Typhoon’s capability and how the aircraft meets the Belgian defence requirement

Defence laser technology melts mortar

Early testing of laser capability at DSTL is already melting mortars.

This research will feed into the Dragonfire programme – creating a laser capable of becoming an alternative to missiles – used for downing drones and cutting through the hulls of aircraft and armoured vehicles.

The technology is not yet ready to deploy, with another 5 to 10 years of research on the cards – and it won’t be a thing of sleek, space age beauty, looking more like a fridge on a truck than a thing of science fiction!

But while it might not look the part, its capability will be incredible.