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The Accelerator gets Military Advisers opinion on the Enduring Challenge

We asked our military advisers what they hope the Accelerator will bring to front line services and what they want the suppliers to keep in mind when developing their new product or service.

Accelerator advantage

Innovation Partner, Jim Pennycook, explained how the MOD’s new Defence and Security Accelerator selects the best ideas and supports and nurtures them through to exploitation.

Our aim is to help suppliers translate their research into products which we can ultimately use to keep the UK and its Armed Forces safe and secure.

Enduring Competition Launch

The Accelerator interviews Harriett Baldwin MP Minister for Defence Procurement at the launch of the Innovation Initiative’s £6m Accelerator Enduring Challenge.

At the event Harriett Baldwin MP invited suppliers with innovative ideas to apply to our fast-track route to research funding.

UK in NATO 2017

In 60 seconds: What is NATO and how is the UK playing a leading role in the alliance in 2017?

New training facilities at Garelochhead

DIO and Landmarc Support Services are delivering a £3 million project to create new training facilities at Garelochhead in Scotland.

Marine Corps partners with Army for 3-D printed technology solutions

Two hydraulic mechanics from Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 29 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, came up with an idea to streamline hydraulic line maintenance and that idea brought them to an Army research facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

A “practice field” for astronauts

State-of-the-art training is crucial for success in both spaceflight and football. Raytheon supports NASA’s human spaceflight missions with underwater practice runs.

US Army trials 'hover-bike'

Dr. William Roper, director of the Strategic Capabilities Office at Office of the Secretary of Defense and members of his staff visited the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Jan. 10.

Directed energy atmospheric lens

Within the next fifty years, scientists at BAE Systems believe that battlefield commanders could deploy a new type of directed energy laser and lens system, called a Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens which is capable of enhancing commanders’ ability to observe adversaries’ activities over much greater distances than existing sensors.

Low-cost mine clearance solution